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CodeBaby Studio


CodeBaby Studio is an animation development platform that allows you to customise and integrate interactive 3D characters of exceptional quality in your eLearning and web site. You can choose to animate one of our stock models, design your own using Autodesk® 3ds Max® , or have us build a customised character to suit your needs.

CodeBaby Studio is focused on making it easy to create interactive, sophisticated virtual agent productions.


Studio 4.0 information

It's a powerful tool that deskills the animation process, while still creating a superior level of animation that is unmatched by other virtual agent solutions. Its drag and drop interface allows a user to change camera angles, move lights, zoom cameras in or out, cut scenes together - exactly as you would in a real television production studio.

The animated, interactive content you create in CodeBaby Studio can be delivered to your eLearning students and web site visitors through Macromedia's® Flash® player.

Unique Benefits


With this...


create this





Cost effective - You don't need a team of animators to create and deploy 3D virtual agents in your eLearning  
Choose from a number of models, props and sets (backgrounds) that are included with CodeBaby Studio  
Bullet Point CodeBaby virtual agent models include a built in library of over 300 animations  
Bullet Point Auto animate or choose specific animations  
Bullet Point Automatically synchronizes mouth and facial animations to audio files  
Bullet Point Easily add captioning, swap characters without rebuilding your entire conversations, and receive automatic updates when available  
Tailor to your needs  - Modify the look of an included model file, import your own customised model from 3D Studio Max, or let us custom design a new model for you  
Intuitive interface that lets you script a virtual agent production by simply dragging and dropping individual animations and sound files onto a timeline  
Layer high fidelity sound effects, voices, ambient sound and music on multiple channels, by simply dragging them into a timeline  
Create message bubbles, which contain text and html links that ask web site visitors questions and direct traffic  
System Requirements  
Recommended Hardware for development platform:  

Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD equivalent  


  • At least 2.0GB system memory for XP
  • At least 2.0GB system memory for Windows 7 and Vista
  Recent ATI or NVIDIA, 256MB video RAM, hardware antialiasing  
Recommended Software for development platform:  

Operating Systems Supported; Windows XP and Windows XP Professional  
  Supports Windows Vista (with desktop composition mode turned off)  
  Bullet Windows 7  
  Browsers: IE 6, IE 7, Firefox 1.5, 2.0  
  For all browsers, Flash 9 or later must be installed