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Dynamic Online Training System (DOTS)

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DOTS is an Australian developed and supported learning management system (LMS) offering functionality only found in high end imported systems. This complete LMS offers an intuitive front end that makes it easy to use and access.


The DOTS (Dynamic Online Training System) LMS is a mid-to-high-end LMS application that delivers and tracks student progress in online, offline and blended learning environments. DOTS includes the tools to create course content and assessments, 360 Profiling, self-assessments and learning development plans.

Manage and Deliver Learning

Learning is an evolving process that requires various approaches depending on the subject matter. DOTS supports the management of these various approaches and provides the tools to implement both Synchronous (real time) and Asynchronous (user driven) learning within an organisation. Additional tools to those provided within DOTS can be integrated to cover the spectrum of learning ranging from formal class room and eLearning training through to informal learning approaches such as on the job training, discussion groups and libraries of reference material.

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Enhance Human Resource Management

DOTS enhances human resource management by tracking skills and competencies, managing job title and position requirements while monitoring continuing professional development and compliance requirements.

By linking job titles, positions and certificates to competencies and courses; organisations are able to effectively manage staff development. All management levels within an organisation or a corporation spanning multiple organisations can have visibility as to what, when and how competencies can be improved to meet organisational and staff needs. Remove compliance exposures, identify where to spend your training budget and enhance your staff asset with DOTS.

If you think DOTS may be of value to your organisation, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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