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ITIL v3 - Achieving Excellence through IT Best Practices

Certification & Accreditation

The ITIL Foundation version 3 course offered by Symmetree is an intensive IT competence training solution delivered in a fun and engaging way. Rich context is added to key concepts, helping learners better understand the ITIL Service Lifecycle at a foundation level. After taking the course, learners are well prepared to take the foundation certificate-level exam, and even more importantly, to effectively understand how these best practices would benefit their own organisation.

The course provides the learner with the essentials of the best practices of ITIL processes adopted worldwide. For those of you with v2 qualifications, Symmetree offers the ITIL v3 Bridging course to upgrade your skills.

The ITIL Foundation PREMIUM self-paced course takes a highly interactive approach to teaching the core disciplines of ITIL v3, using  simulated real world challenges to teach learners how the IT best practice is used to deliver IT service at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Built around the scenario-based learning model, the 16.5-hour, self-paced course immerses learners in an edgy, online game-like environment.

This PREMIUM course comes with exclusive features, such as the scenario-based training approach, a Quick Reference Card, and a First Aid Kit.

All ITIL self paced courses are included in the Foundation Course. Modules and specific information from the Foundation course has been broken out to create the other courses to provide greater flexibility to meet market needs.


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Scenario based learning


Interactive learning

The following ITIL eLearning courses are offered:

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ITIL Foundation PREMIUM v3

(for those who are not V2 certified)


ITIL Foundation Bridge v3

(for those who are v2 certified)

ITIL Awareness v3  

EXIN ITIL Exam Preparation v3

(includes Online Exam)


Case Study  Based Learning

In the ITIL v3 Foundation PREMIUM course, learners are invited to a Virtual Training Conference at a lush resort hotel, where they attend different conferences hosted by experienced ITIL v3 experts. Throughout their “stay,” learners assist hotel management with a variety of projects that test their new ITIL knowledge.

ITIL v3 Premium Program Advantages:  
Fun, engaging learning and hands-on experience  
Session-end refresher summaries and quizzes  
Quick Reference Card of key ITIL points  
Multiple Learning Styles - Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic  
Comprehensive ITIL glossary of terms  
“First Aid Kit” of ITIL essentials  
Mock exam  
ITIL Foundation courseware from Symmetree provides the following benefits:    

Pass Rate > 98% based on 1000’s of learners. Over 85% of Pilot Program learners highly recommended the course


Accreditation from two global ITIL Certification agencies EXIN & ISEB and a courseware leading up to the ITIL Foundation Certification


Learners now hail from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Mexico, Venezuela, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Japan, Australia and Taiwan.

Being implemented as part of standard internal Induction and Training Programs by Multinational Corporations worldwide.


Learn when you want, where you want

Easy access...

Only Internet Explorer required: People can learn from anywhere


Virtual role plays are engaging and improve attention span. Case methodology based pedagogical standards that employ simulated "Live" scenarios and role based learning approach


Train and Certify 100’s of learners

Cost effective...

Save up to 70% on conventional Training Costs (No leave, no travel)

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