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eLearning Development

Training Course Development

In our endevour to bring the best and most appropriate learning solutions for our clients, Symmetree develops learning applications that are a good investment and lead to meaningful success. Our team, supported by a proven eLearning design process with supporting tools to minimise risk, is able to deliver a solution that meets our customers desired outcomes.

Engaging with our customers throughout the process leaves nothing to chance. Starting with defining the problem and the suitability of eLearning, our customers provide a user and stakeholder perspective that guides the final solution. Interaction, involvement, review and adjustment is key to achieving their desired outcomes.

Instructor led training and the aspects that create effective learning is well understood. The challenge is to take the attributes of eLearning and turn them into benefits for the organisation. One of the challenges for eLearning is replacing the involvement of the class room facilitator and deliver memorable and meaningful earning. Enter eLearning design...


eLearning Design

Most people would agree that an instructor-led course is only as good as the instructor. A good instructor will deliver learning outcomes to learners by motivating, engaging and coming up with innovative activities and methods to deliver content. In eLearning there is no instructor, so how do you achieve these aspects of learning? The answer is through instructional design, the most overlooked and without doubt most important thing in online learning.



What is Instructional Design?

Instructional design is the art and science of designing an online learning course, to deliver learning outcomes to its intended target audience.

To produce motivating, engaging, interactive courses that result in a meaningful and memorable experience for real learning outcomes Symmetree's instructional design process incorporates principles from:

  Online and adult learning
  Cognitive behaviour

Graphic and web design


Where does it fit?

At the beginning of the design process we need to determine if eLearning is suitable and if so how should it be delivered. Our experience in learning development can assist in determining the alternatives for the type of learning to be undertaken.


ELearning can come in many forms. The most typical is asynchronous formal training known as web based courseware that allows students to learn when, where and how they choose. This type of learning can supplement class room training to create a blended solution or depending on the subject matter exist as a standalone program. To achieve this cost effective eLearning experience, Symmetree utilises tools that support rapid prototype development and collaborative functionality to minimise rework and deliver to our customers’ expectations.

ELearning designed to motivate, engage and change behaviour should not be confused with ''page turning" or show and tell eLearning typically used for knowledge building. Page turning eLearning or online books focus on knowledge not interactive real world motivating exercises designed to engage the learner in skill building.

Can we help?

If you would like to discuss your learning needs and the potential for elearning to play a part in your strategy please contact us and we would be happy to listen and provide you with some guidance.