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Aligning learning with organisational objectives!

About Us
Symmetree is in the business of bringing the best and most appropriate learning solutions to our clients. Our customers can look to us to source the best skills and tools at the right time, to assist them to achieve their organisational objectives.

Our Customers
Our customers are all different. Some require skills based training, and some require structured learning frameworks to align learning with organisational objectives. Some of our clients have in-house trainers to cater for company specific, large training initiatives, and some of our clients experience geographical challenges necessitating a “blended” learning solution to deliver measurable improvements to job performance and competitive advantage.

What do we offer?

We believe that meeting the differing requirements of our customers by using professional tools and the most highly skilled facilitators is where we can truly add value and forge successful relationships with our clients. We do this in the following ways:


Highly interactive, experiential programs – designed by passionate, committed and experienced consultants. These forums are designed to raise awareness, develop skills, and drive behaviours to allow participants to apply new learning to their workplace.


Frameworks for structured learning outcomes – To compliment our programs, we also offer a structured approach to learning within broader contexts. As an example, we have developed a learning framework addressing the Quality Service in the workplace. Programs developed within that framework address the three key criteria for creating cultural change:


Quality Service - the concept of serving each other
Quality Service - Managers as Leaders of Change
Quality Service - Managers as Custodians of Change


This structured approach to learning offers an organisation a pathway to driving cultural initiatives. By examining our own skills and behaviours we can change starting with us, and working out towards our external clients


Simplified, customer-centric approach to tailoring course content for programs – Our simplified approach to customisation of course content combines client learning objectives, and our previously developed role based learning modules, to ensure maximum relevance to our client needs. This is best described the following diagram:

The Building Block Approach to Tailored Training Programs

The inclusion of client workplace scenarios contributes to the construction of a highly interactive and experiential workshop for participants to apply learning.

“Take-back” exercises for students to complete on the job serve as a reminder of learning concepts, ensuring that learning translates to workplace change.


Accountability initiatives for tailored learning solutions – Accountability describes the need for training to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes to be used in the workplace. To be accountable, we need to know that training works and to prove it.

Symmetree fosters the concept of mentoring program participants following each training program or module. This process is where the trainer returns to the client workplace to assess the effectiveness of the program in terms of workplace change amongst participants. The trainer may then re-visit any areas of concern, or provide a re-fresher of important information as well as workshopping progress amongst the group for successes and failures, and different perspectives and applications of concepts learned.

Another initiative that we promote, ensuring our accountability in the learning process for tailored training solutions is to facilitate workshops amongst managers, team-leaders and stakeholders. These workshops are designed to ensure that the organisation is committed to supporting the changes that the learning process will introduce into the workplace.


Industry acknowledged evaluation methodology – Symmetree uses the Kirkpatrick model for evaluation and assessment of the effectiveness of training. Kirkpatrick suggests that there are four levels on which evaluation can be based. These are:

    Reaction level
Learning level
Behaviour or skill change level
Outcome or organisational level

Flexible learning solutions – As a learning organisation, we understand that our clients face different challenges in their efforts to introduce new workplace programs. As well as our highly interactive, experiential programs and our structured learning frameworks, we offer our clients innovative self-paced learning solutions, blended learning solutions and content development tools for their in-house training requirements.