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Slash the time it takes you to build high quality eLearning courses. The SmartBuilder eLearning development platform combines the power of robust authoring tools such as Flash, with a rapid development timeline through an easy to use interface. SmartBuilder content can be used with your existing authoring tool to create real world interactivities that connect with your learners. Stakeholder and management will appreciate the time and cost savings rapid prototype development delivers.

SmartBuilder is the only robust course authoring tool that does not require scripting. And with its intuitive point-and-click interface, SmartBuilder has a learning curve that's measured in days, versus months for Flash.

The SmartBuilder development platform also provides a suite of content management features that enable you to reduce development and rework time. Small and large geographically dispersed teams will benefit from the design, features and processes that have been built into the platform to support the delivery of high quality, low cost eLearning. Read below what our customers have to say about delivering results.

Why use SmartBuilder?

To deliver results, elearning authoring tools must produce more than canned interactivity, but scripting tools like Flash are hard to learn and time consuming to use. With SmartBuilder you can develop prototypes in hours, then after approval full develop the activity, template and reuse to reduce time.

SmartBuilder provides a point-and-click interface that lets anyone create highly-interactive Flash elearning that includes:

SmartBuilder further streamlines the development process with content management and collaboration features that enable your team to work together more efficiently.

Take a look at these SmartBuilder eLearning examples and decide for yourself. Also compare SmartBuilder to other eLearning tools. Were sure you'll be impressed.

SmartBuilder delivers results...

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"Many thanks to your company for developing this - I can't believe how far ahead you are of software like Captivate and Articulate and Trainersoft and the horde of other 'read this, click next, answer the questions' packages out there. You're really making me look good! And it has been so much fun - I feel as giddy as I did when I first started studying computer programming and that was a good 25 years ago."

Julie B.
Instructional Designer
Ontario, Canada

"When we realised that we needed to work better, smarter, faster (resource reuse, collaboration, AGILE development), our product training team went looking for a new development tool. SmartBuilder met all our requirements, and is so quick to learn and easy to use that it fosters creativity instead of hampering it. Our designer/developers walk around with huge grins because they're getting paid to have so much fun at work!"

Tricia Luke
Technical Training Specialist, Senior Staff


"I loved using Authorware and was disappointed when it was discontinued. But I had been looking for other solutions anyway to provide the seamless web delivery clients expect. SmartBuilder provides the power of Authorware, with an easy-to-use interface, and it creates flash output. This is the perfect solution."

Mark Kizilos
Former Vice President, Talent Management
Thomson Reuters


"At KLA-Tencor we are driven to improve the quality and effectiveness of our online training. SmartBuilder has become a valuable tool in our training development process. It allows us to deliver meaningful learning activities rather than just page turner content. It allows the learner to get audio, video and animations without opening new windows. It gives us the ability to have sophisticated learning functions and features without hiring programmers. SmartBuilder has helped us set a new standard of excellence for online learning."

Kimball Ungermann
Instructional Designer

“PowerPoint was not powerful enough to do what we needed, but the next step up was scripting tools. SmartBuilder has given us a tool that is user-friendly with the power that allows us to build the kind of content we want.”

Richard spiers
Macon State College

"SmartBuilder is a robust learning development tool that enables creativity without requiring programming. Not only is the tool effective, the support cannot be surpassed."

Cheryl Lisker
Instructional Designer
Take Charge America, Inc