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Innovative virtual agent technology to enhance eLearning

July 2007 - Symmetree is pleased to announce it's agreement with CodeBaby to market Production Studio in Australia. CodeBaby, is the leading provider of Virtual Agent (Avatar) technology, used to facilitate self-service applications like online and on-device customer care, eCommerce and eLearning. CodeBaby’s solution provides an easy to use development environment that dramatically simplifies the resources needed to create animated scenarios for interactive applications. Once created, these animations can be imbedded into applications such as Web sites, mobile phones, eLearning, kiosks and other stand alone devices. Click here for more information.

Simple and effective web conferencing

March 2007 - Symmetree is pleased to offer the simple but effective web conferencing tool - GatherPlace - to it's customers. Symmetree has been using GatherPlace to demonstrate software and present information over the Internet. We are so impressed with the tool that we feel everyone should know about it. Click here for more information.

Raptivity wins The eLearning Guild Members Choice Awards

February 6th 2007 - Raptivity wins The eLearning Guild Members Choice Awards for Impressive Learning Simulations (ILS). Raptivity the interactivity development tool designed for non-programmers has been awarded the Platinum Award under Simulation Tools category and Gold Award under Games Tools category.

The awards are announced in conjunction with the publication of the Guild's Research 360-degree Report on ILS which focuses on the demand for and demands of simulations, scenarios and serious games for learning.

We wanted these awards to have a lot of credibility and not just represent the opinions of a handful of people," said Steve Wexler, the Guild's director of research and emerging technologies. "More than 4,600 eLearning Guild members have told us which tools they use and have told us what they think of these tools and the awards were based on the opinions of these eLearning professionals - professionals that are passionate about eLearning."

According to the Guild, the Guild Members Choice Awards represent market share and satisfaction across all industries, company sizes, number of learners impacted and job level of respondents. Click here for detailed information on the awards. For information on Raptivity click here.

  Symmetree makes available ILT Custom Course version 5.0

October 2006 - The latest release of ILT Custom Course - version 5.0 offers course developers an easy to use development and publishing tool. Organisations looking to create and publish their own instructor led material will find ILT Custom Course valuable in providing an extensive library of learning content with the ability to modify the content to their own needs. The flexibility to publish manuals in hard copy, pdf, Microsoft Word, HTML and XML increases the value of this exciting combination of content and tool. For a more detail, including a demonstration, click here.

Raptivity now maximises ROI through portability and in-house development

July 2006 - Harbinger has announced enhancements to Raptivity and the addition of MyRaptivity that increases the value offered by this unique eLearning interactivity development tool. Now flash developers can create interactivities that can be customised by non programmers such as teachers! In addition the published output is now a single Flash file increasing the portability of the interactivity.

Key enhancements and additions include:

  • MyRaptivity that allows Flash developers to create their own interaction models for Raptivity that can be modified by teachers for content and context.

  • Interactivity output in a single Flash file, paving the way for its use in hundreds of authoring tools, LMS, LCMS, CMS and Live Collaboration Systems with zero integration effort.
  • Lower entry price with choice of interactivity bundles

Raptivity is the industry's first and only rapid interactivity builder. Raptivity allows trainers and subject matter experts to create engaging interactive eLearning content in less time and reduced cost. Click here for more details.

Symmetree Introduces Raptivity Rapid Interactivity Builder

February 2006 - Symmetree introduces Raptivity the world's first and only rapid interactivity builder to the Australian market.

Explaining this ground-breaking innovation, Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Harbinger Group said, “Trainers, educators and subject matter experts prefer an easy tool for content development and therefore rapid authoring tools become their obvious choice. However, they have to turn to complex tools for adding interactivity. Now, with Raptivity they can add interactivity to their training with minimal learning and absolutely no programming.”

Raptivity allows course developers to build effective interactive eLearning, which gets learners completely engaged. With interactive and engaging content, learning experiences become memorable and dropout levels go down. Click here for more details.

  Australian Commonwealth Government Endorsed Supplier Agreement

August 2005 - Symmetree is pleased to announce that it has achieved Endorsed Supplier status under the Australian Government's Endorsed Supplier Arrangement (see www.dofa.gov.au/online/esa and www.esa.finance.gov.au). The Endorsed Supplier Arrangement (ESA) is a Commonwealth initiative for the pre-qualification of suppliers to the Government market. The ESA is a way of recognising and supporting Australian businesses that have met stringent performance goals over a multi-year period, and have contributed to the economy and their overall industry.

Symmetree Introduces Elicitus eLearning Authoring Tool
July 2005 - With the needs of the trainer in mind, Elicitus is a simple to use authoring tool with a look and feel that is similar to PowerPoint. This simple yet powerful tool has all of the functionality to make dynamic and interactive elearning come alive for learners, and even has a Powerpoint slide converter module to make elearning development even easier. Elicitus is set to fill a much needed gap for trainers who need rapid elearning development and deployment of SCORM and AICC compliant courses that will interface with the leading Learning Management Systems. No scripting or programming knowledge required. Click here for more details.
ISACA and ITGI Launch Online COBIT Foundation Course
Rolling Meadows, IL, USA (7 July 2005)— Increased worldwide adoption of Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT) framework has created a need for IT professionals and auditors to become skilled at using it within their organisations. To address this need, the IT Governance Institute (ITGI) and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) released today the COBIT Foundation Course, a self-paced, electronic tutorial developed by ITpreneurs and marketed in Australia by Symmetree.

COBIT (www.isaca.org/cobit), published by ITGI and now in its third edition, is internationally accepted as good practice for control over information, IT and related risks. COBIT is used to implement governance over IT and improve IT controls, and has become a tool used by many companies working toward regulatory compliance, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the US. Click here for more details.

Symmetree adds ITIL eLearning solutions as a way of providing more effective learning, in a more cost effective way

October 2004 - Symmetree and ITpreneurs a world leader in the development of eLearning IT Service Management and IT Infrastructure Library training have have formed a partnership whereby Symmetree will market these highly effective solutions into the Australian market.

ITSM/ITIL training has gained considerable momentum world wide with the drive by the IT department of organisations to offer cost effective service delivery to the business.

With this highly sophisticated eLearning solution that utilises case study learning we see organisations being able to train more staff and have them productive in a shorter time.

Symmetree and WebRaven combine to offer Dynamic Online Tracking System (DOTS) Learning Management System to the Australian market.

July 2004 - Symmetree and Web Raven join forces to offer Dynamic Online Training System (DOTS) into the Australian market. The DOTS learning management system allows our clients to deliver and manage training within their organisations in a cost effective way.

DOTS has achieved international acclaim. This is not surprising as the product offers so much for so little.