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Microsoft Operations Framework

Certification & Accreditation
Symmetree presents the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) Orientation Course. The course is a three hour MOF foundation guide that aims to discuss and evaluate the impact of the MOF model on enterprise IT Service Management Strategies.

The course includes an introduction to the multiple MOF Service Management Function (SMF) principles, focusing briefly on each of the three primary models - Process, Team and Risk - and laying the foundation for advanced learning on the subject. Symmetree’s MOF Orientation course also facilitates exploring the dynamics of MOF, its relationship with ITIL and how MOF leverages IT Service Management as a quality-based operations management framework within an organisation.

Symmetree's MOF Orientation course aims to provide learners with a clear perspective on how MOF delivers demonstrable benefits to an organisation. The course also equips the learners to be able to develop a structured MOF business case and apply the MOF concepts to their organisations.



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MOF Orientation  

MOF Case Study

Symmetree's MOF Orientation Course offers a tangible, sustainable and interactive learning experience through the use of an integrated MOF Case Study. This is to reiterate learning through simulated application of knowledge gained.

The case study uses a virtual organisation, ISA International, to offer learners with a first-hand account of the results of a review carried out by qualified MOF experts in a (virtual) Global Insurance Company - ISA International.

The scenarios and implementation suggestions provided, highlight the real-time operational uncertainties faced by a typical IT organisation. The case study not only facilitates reinforced-learning of the concepts but also goes a step further to help learners link the relevance of a situation for the application of MOF concepts in their organisation.


Why organisations need Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)?

Widespread use of Microsoft’s enterprise server platforms in mission-critical production computer systems is on the increase globally. This creates need and demand for established process guidelines in operating and managing these server platforms cost-effectively. In order to maximise the enterprise-wide operations manageability and to enable organisations in leveraging their IT Systems, Microsoft created MOF.


How does Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) impact operational competence?

Choosing the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) body of knowledge of best practices as its foundation, the MOF model goes a step further to enhance ITIL’s collaborative industry standards with guidance in the IT products and technologies operation management domain.

MOF through a collection of best practices, principles and models, provides technical guidance that enables organisations to achieve mission-critical system reliability, availability, supportability, and manageability of Microsoft products and technologies.

The MOF model also provides operational guidance in the form of white papers, operations guides, assessment tools, best practices, case studies, templates, support tools, and services. The model addresses the people, process, technology, and management issues pertaining to complex, distributed and heterogeneous IT environments.

- Source: Microsoft Corp. (www.microsoft.com/mof)


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