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So you need to give a presentation. Demonstrate software. Go over a spreadsheet. Show a design. Review a document. Provide technical help. This is all now easy to do using GatherPlace. With GatherPlace you can show your live PC screen to anyone online within seconds. People finally see exactly what you see. Every mouse movement and screen update you see, they see.


GatherPlace is a simple and affordable service for instantly showing a live view of your PC screen to anyone you choose. No need to exchange multiple e-mail attachments, faxes or overnight packages. No need to sign up for an expensive, complicated web conferencing service.

You only need GatherPlace. Your guests can see your screen even if they don't have GatherPlace. All they need is Internet access. With your permission, they observe what's on your screen, make suggestions and see your changes as easily as if they were looking over your shoulder.

Symmetree uses GatherPlace to assist customers, conduct presentations and demonstrate eLearning software and other applications over the Internet within a matter of seconds. We have found this tool invaluable.


Free Trial...

Seeing is believing. For a 14 day trial click here.

The trial is free (no credit card required) and is full-featured. You can instantly host sessions from any Microsoft Windows™ based PC. Guests can view your sessions from any computer (Windows, Macintosh, Unix).