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Delivering Feedback Learning Bite

Well-constructed exit interviews tell us that most people leave an organisation because of their direct manager. When asked to identify the reasons for dissatisfaction with their boss, respondents report that feedback delivered poorly or not at all is an important factor.

Our Delivering Feedback learning bite focuses exclusively on delivering feedback. To show learners how to create high-energy, top performing teams, we have used role-plays and Socratic questioning techniques just as we would in face-to-face facilitated delivery. Click on the link below for a brief sample and as always, tell us what you think, your feedback is important to us.

If you like it and are interested in bringing this learning bite into your learning program, please contact us. If you have an idea for a learning bite that would be beneficial to your company, let us know or if you would like to purchase CodeBaby Production Studio and develop your own elearning, we are happy to help you.



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