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CodeBaby Studio allows you to quickly and easily add engaging virtual characters to your eLearning or web site. When included in your content these virtual characters can assist the student or visitor to understand a concept via scenarios reenacted by the characters, direct them throughout the learning process and communicate information in an engaging friendly manner through the use of body language and voice. The approaches taken are limited only by your imagination.

The ability to communicate information via all the senses through a character with personality makes the use of 3D virtual characters effective in applications involving eLearning, web site or Internet marketing, kiosks and other mediums where real time human contact is not possible but essential to effective communication. The application of facial and body language supports the personality in the voice to seamlessly guide, instruct and show.

High Quality - The use of 3D virtual characters that have a wide range of facial and body language are more interactive then just cartoon-like "talking heads". With CodeBaby you not only have full control of the character(s) but also the scene and stage to give your movie production effects that engage the learner and interact with the information on the page.

Quick and Cost Effective - Reuse and ease of use are two key factors that makes CodeBaby Studio attractive. It's drag and drop interface allows you to create in minutes what would normally take an animation team months. Scenes can be simply modified and republished as a Flash file in minutes. With the manual and a short amount of time you will be publishing scenes for use within your eLearning or web site.

What the experts say...

Many organisations are not realising the full benefit of their investment in online training tools and curriculum.

This problem can be severe - according to research by the University of Alberta, as many as 92% of trainees who start online training courses fail to complete them. Other research shows that 80% of all online training courses are regularly abandoned[1].

By adding a CodeBaby virtual agent to an online training course, material retention improves dramatically. Studies have proven that interactive characters are more effective in creating an Elearning environment[2], that virtual agents serve to foster trust with complex information[3], and are intuitive and enjoyable[4].

By interacting with a character in a virtual world, students become more engaged in the subject matter, helping them learn more effectively.

Deliver an interactive face-to-face style of teaching that makes the learning experience more engaging.
Deliver corporate training in a more interactive and entertaining format.
Increase a learners learning potential by prompting them with specific questions and roll plays.
Summarise information, ensuring that a student has understood the basic concepts.
Provide flash cards, practice tests, and interactive scenarios to make a student’s learning experience more enjoyable.

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