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Coaching in Business

The more people develop themselves and the more a company develops its people, the more valuable they are to the company. Executive Coaching or Business Coaching is one of the most cost effective and focused ways of doing this: it puts the emphasis where it needs to be – on the skills of the people. Leadership Coaching and Personnel Coaching leads to quick results.

Life in companies is a series of small decisions. These small decisions are what keeps the company functioning well form day-to-day and engages the trust and commitment of the workforce.

Traditional management and leadership training is being challenged on the grounds that it does not result in sustained behavioural change. New coaching modes based on the principles of psychology and education have evolved to meet the needs of businesses and organisations world-wide.

Coaching principles in leadership and management training are aligned to Emotional Intelligence best practice. Symmetree structures Emotional Intelligence and Coaching programs to meet the needs of business leaders and create sustainable change in workplace culture.

Symmetree offers coaching workshops tailored to an organisations needs. An overview of our two day introductory coaching workshop can be viewed by clicking here.


Life Coaching

Professional life coaches are in demand as we reflect upon how we live, how we structure and make sense of our experiences, and the outcomes we want to create for ourselves. Symmetree offers programs for those wishing to become coaches or simply to learn how to coach themselves and learn the strategies of coaching to create sustainable change in their own lives. Our professional program is delivered over ten days in a modular format – two days at a time to fit in with busy work schedules.

Contact us for a detailed overview of this 10 day comprehensive coaching workshop. We will be happy to discuss the contents and outcomes of this coaching program with you.


The Models and Methods we use...

Symmetree uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as the basis for our coaching programs and also incorporate concepts of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). These psychological tools assist us to identify the patterns and scripts we live by, how we structure our subjective experiences and how to challenge and restructure unhelpful or faulty thinking patterns to create more productive outcomes.

Our coaches learn how to be flexible in their thinking, and learn the principles of asking the right questions rather than providing answers. They learn how to harness their own emotions and assist clients to navigate through the fog of their emotional responses.

We also teach Archetype theory and have instruments for coaches to assist people to identify the stages of their lives and development.