Symmetree - Management Consulting and Productivity interventions
Management Consulting and Productivity Interventions

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Practical tools for confident leadership

Leveraging management process to avoid emotional burnout. Exhausted leaders avoid addressing poor performance and behaviours, in effect approving or condoning them. Management processes supported by constructive conversations makes for confident leaders.

Interventions supporting productive teams and individuals

Teams and individuals at war with their organisations are either unproductive or have poor working relationships. Sometimes both. The result can be poor reputation and unequal workloads. Tailored interventions disrupt unproductive patterns and create space for change.

Simplifying complex issues and wicked problems

Problems become complex and wicked when they have an unclear cause, have numerous intervention points, and have multiple stakeholders with different and often competing points of view. Super-wicked problems exist where those most responsible have the least interest in acting. One thing is certain: the longer one waits, the more wicked a problem becomes. Slaying a wicked problem requires: dialogue, design, and systems thinking.